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Increasing interest to life, unlimited opportunities, effectiveness of each action and enduring enthusiasm
it all becomes a reality every day
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What you consider to be is existing for you, and what you do not consider to be is not existing
man is the measure of all things: of the things that are, that they are, of the things that are not, that they are not. (Protagoras, c.490 BC – c.420 BC)
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The Oneness (Unity) of the world is its true nature, whether we realize it or not,
whether we use this knowledge for ourselves or, on the contrary, we fight with ourselves and with the whole world
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Self-development is not a goal in itself. Self-improvement and personal growth is a process
where wealth, prosperity, stability, well-being, success and efficiency of a person is a result of it
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You can't even imagine how much your life will change for the better
because of your awareness of your true nature, your place in the world, and your unlimited possibilities for changing your life. And this process of changing will be irreversible
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Everything is a state
life in the unity of the world and human

I offer you the Knowledge of the World and man Oneness (Unity) with the help of which you will increase your efficiency in any area, and can also significantly improve the quality of your life.

I am glad to welcome you here and thank you for your interest to my work. My name is Oleg Grigorenko. The books and articles presented on the website will tell you about the Unity (Oneness) of the world and man and the practical application of this Knowledge. This Knowledge is confirmed both by modern scientific research and the knowledge transmitted to us from the depths of centuries. There is no mysticism, demands of blind faith or religion in it. It is possible to understand and perceive everything with your mind, consciousness. The Knowledge will give you an undeniable advantage, efficiency in actions and clear understanding of your needs and desires. Goals will be achieved easily and in a short time.

The book "Everything is a State"

The main Life Hack of your life is The Knowledge from the book “Everything is a State”.

This Knowledge will allow you to gain true excellence in all areas of life. Success, harmony and well-being will fill your life and will remain in it forever. You won't be the same. You will learn how to make all your desires and dreams true with such lightness and speed that you have never dreamed of.

The book will be extremely useful to those who are involved in self-development, science, creativity, business, education, or any practices and methods of self-improvement.


Free book


In this book I want to share with you my inner state of being connected with the world and everything that fills me inside and surrounds me outside. This state of Unity is at the level of my knowledge, my consciousness. I do not believe in Unity, I know it for sure without any faith, mysticism or religiosity, which are so shaky and vague that they can be broken at any moment.

Do you look for happiness
and well-being?

Take this knowledge now. Happiness and well-being will forever fill your life. Everything what you are looking for, you will receive. Your mind, your consciousness will do everything for you. And this will happen to you.

To creative

Your talent will blossom like a flower. You know by yourself that you are talented, and now everyone will know it. It doesn’t matter that it has not happened yet. Get this knowledge and it will happen.

To businessmen and entrepreneurs

You will become much more effective than your competitors by taking a fresh look at the tools of your business. Don’t want to take this knowledge, your competitor will do it. It’s up to you to decide which future to choose.

To scientists and workers of science

You will be able to make a breakthrough in your research. Yes, it is really is. Looking at the world from a state of Unity (Oneness) You will be able to see something what is slipping away and is still unclear.

Do you want to have a new interesting life?

Your life will change. Yes, it will become the life you want to create. Neither time, nor place, nor circumstances won't be able to influence on you anymore and prevent you from gaining what you want.

You still haven’t got any results in spite of practicing something, have you?

This Knowledge will give you a real breakthrough. You are quite ready, there is only the last touch left. Any practice is much more effective if you understand why and how it works.

To students of any institutions

You can choose your further interesting path. You will understand why, and what for you are learning, what you will obtain in the future. Your present and future will change.

You are an accomplished person

Congratulations! I am sincerely happy for you. You know everything yourself. Like other people, you carry this knowledge deep inside yourself. You can hear yourself and trust yourself. It should be so.

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