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    The book "Being at one with the world advantages and disadvantages"
    By Oleg Grigorenko (Author), Elena Malikova (Translator)

    Written in 2019

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    Topics: the Unity of the world and man, Personal effectiveness, self-Development / personal growth, self-Knowledge, self-Improvement, Success, fulfillment of desires

    Book description

    Do you know anything about living at one with the world? If you do, then have my congratulations. But you are likely not to know anything about it. You may have heard something somewhere and it didn’t seem interesting to you.

    In my book, I suggest that you should get acquainted with the main advantages and disadvantages of being aware of the unity (Oneness) with the world and staying in this state of life. You won’t regret if you read it. You can make a conclusion by yourself whether it is interesting to you or not.

    The book "Being at one with the world advantages and disadvantages" - free download, author Oleg Grigorenko, suitable for men and girls for self-development. Download in fb2, epub, rtf, pdf, mobi or read online.
    for your interest!
    Oleg Grigorenko
    "About the Author" and my plans
    • How you can perceive this unity (One Life) with the world
    • Advantages: what you will get in the state of unity with the world
      • An increasing interest to life
      • Unlimited opportunities
      • Your actions are super effective
      • Enduring enthusiasm
    • Disadvantages: what you will lose forever in the state of unity with the world
      • Apathy and depression
      • Fear and anxiety
      • Intolerance and irritation
      • Problems and doubts
    • How to come to a state of unity with the world quickly
    • Conclusion
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